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Science & Creativity

Science & Creativity

Each and every smile we design is unique to the individual. Your personality, lifestyle and facial features, such as skin tone and lip shape, all play a role when designing your smile. It is important to consider the shade of white that best compliments your skin tone. This shade, coupled with the degree of translucency that allows light to pass through your teeth, are important for a natural look.

Short teeth age a person. Since most people have worn their teeth over time, adding length is one of the keys to restoring youthfulness. It takes years of experience and an artful eye to assess people’s unique features and to create smiles that compliment them to a point of natural beauty. It’s a beautiful culmination of art performing with science arriving at an “incredible smile” that is uniquely yours.

Our Ceramist, Dennis Adams
At Incredible Smiles we personally design your new smile with as much input as you care to have. Our office is different from most in the cosmetic dental industry. In other dental offices, it is common for the design of new teeth to be handed off to a lab that makes the veneers and crowns. This can result in a smile that looks generic because the lab technician has never met you to consider your desires, facial features or personality. Your smile is designed by me, Dr. Kemmet, and I work directly with our own dedicated ceramist, Dennis Adams. Dennis is an integral part of our team. His skill and his caring personality are part of the magic behind every “incredible smile.” I believe in his talent so much that I entrusted Dennis to create the veneers in my own smile.

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