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Interview with Heather Vanderwal

Heather Vanderwall is a dental hygienist at Incredible Smiles. She discusses her experience working in the office and types of treatments guests can expect.

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Expand to read the video transcript

Hi my name is Heather. I’m a dental hygienist for Dr. Lori Kemmet and one of the many reasons I love working for her is that she holds such high standards for me as a person and a professional. Continuing education is a high priority. We’re constantly learning and growing.

I do so much more than just clean your teeth. I make you comfortable by dipping your hands in paraffin wax, I give you sound-canceling headphones and I just try to make you as comfortable as possible while you get your teeth cleaned.

I’m treating more than just the mouth. I’m treating everyone’s total body health while allowing them to feel comfortable in my dental chair and taking good care of them. She allows me to deliver customer service that I can’t deliver anywhere else.

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