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Mercury fillings are toxic to our health. Learn the basics about the cost of mercury filling removal and the steps involved in the procedure.

Mercury Filling Removal

Mercury fillings are commonly referred to as metal, silver or amalgam fillings. Concern over mercury fillings has grown. Patients today…
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Dr. Kemmet loves the constantly improving technology in dentistry, like 3D imaging. A 5D scan is faster, safer and more comfortable.

So Why 5D Scan?

In what ways does a 5D scan improve general dentistry? The reasons are numerous. For one, 5D scan technology uses…
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Access to dental care and routine home care help prevent missing teeth.  Once a tooth is missing, options for replacement should be discussed.

Missing Teeth

Given that Incredible Smiles is largely a cosmetic practice, we have people coming in for consultations that are seeking ways…
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